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Open Free Online Bank Account

Opening a Free Online Bank Account

What does it mean to open a free online bank account? What does it mean to bank online with no fees? By now everyone is familiar with the practice of banking online. If you have a bank account with one of the big banks, you are most likely very well aware of what it means to open a free online bank account. You may still be paying fees to your bank, but you most definitely know or at least have heard of the benefits of opening a free online bank account. If you currently have a bank account at a smaller bank or credit union that does not offer online banking, or for whatever reason have decided to not take advantage of the benefits of a free online bank account, it is time to start benefiting like the multitude of others who have opened a free online bank account.

One of the benefits of having a free online bank account means free online banking. Free online bill pay is also another added advantage to free online bank accounts. For instance, BBVA Compass bank offers free online banking with all of their accounts. This is a great perk for all of their customers. BBVA Compass also offers free online bill pay for all of their accounts except Basic Checking. So, as we can see from this example above free online bill pay isn’t always a guaranteed benefit.

With online bank accounts your banking information is as close as your computer or mobile phone with internet access. This easy access to your money allows you to more easily keep track of your bank account balances and it is a very helpful feature in avoiding overdraft fees. If you are shopping and are wondering whether or not you have enough money in your bank account to make the purchase, you don’t have to guess anymore. If you have a mobile phone with internet access, you can simply step to the side and log into your bank account. No one wants to pay overdraft fees and with the ability to monitor you account from anywhere, you can avoid unnecessary banking fees.

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Some banks even allow you to set up an alert that is tied to your online bank account. You can set a certain balance amount, for example, $200.00. When you bank account balance reaches that number you are automatically alerted, via a text message or whatever other means you pick to be notified. Once you get the alert, you can deposit more funds into your bank account to avoid overdrafts and overcharging to your bank account. This is an excellent feature with your online bank account. Many banks are also offering this as a free feature with your online bank account.

When it comes to opening a free online bank account it’s all about convenience. It is about saving you time as a consumer and offering you tools and features that can help you better manage your life. There are many things that we naturally take for granted, which would leave our forefathers awestricken. While the concept of free online bank accounts is not a new concept by any means, it is something that more and more people are beginning to see the benefit of, and taking advantage of those benefits. If your bank does not offer a free online bank account, there are many that do. You don’t even need to close your current account in order to take advantage of an online bank account. Banks like ING Direct, Emigrant Bank, Ally Bank, and Capital One Bank, just to name a few allow you to open a free online bank account and link it to your existing bank account.

Some of these online banks pay relatively higher interest rate than your regular banking institution might be paying. The minimum deposits required by these online banks are usually considerably less than the minimum deposits required by your current bank. Some of these banks for will let you open a free online bank account with no initial deposit. With all of these benefits, there is no reason for hesitation. Start taking advantage of the benefits that come with opening a free online bank account, today!